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Moreton Island - Adventure within 40kms of the Brisbane CBD

Renting a 4x4 for Moreton Island

With surfing, snorkeling, sandboarding, kayaking, swimming or just relaxing by turquoise blue waters, Moreton Island has an amazing experience in store for everyone. And it's located just 40kms from the Brisbane CBD!

Moreton is the worlds 3rd largest sand island offering the ability to mix relaxation with adventure, only a short 1.5 hour ferry ride from Brisbane.

Stay and relax at the luxury 4 star Tangalooma resort, where you can rent a beachfront villa or hire a 4WD from Overlander Adventures, explore the whole island and camp right on the waters edge. Or do both!

Getting there

Moreton Island Ferry Micat

Micat Ferrys offer daily services to Moreton Island (weather permitting), carrying passengers and vehicles onboard a luxury catamaran, complete with onboard bakery. Make sure you sample the pies.

Trips can be booked in advance by calling Moreton Island Adventures on 07 3909 3333 or via their website. One way trips for a standard 4WD start from AUD $70 and fares for passengers travelling without a vehicle start at from around AUD$30. Keep in mind that fares can be much higher during peak periods and the ferry gets booked out quickly.

4WD Tip: The Micat ferry has onboard air hoses fitted to the vehicle deck to make inflating your tires easy on the return trip.

The ferry will drop you just to the north of the Tangalooma wrecks. Once you disembark, you'll turn left and continue up the western beach/western tracks to the north-west side of the island or across Middle track to the eastern beach.

Remember to lower your tire pressures (we recommend 18psi) and engage 4WD before you disembark.

To access the south-west zones, you'll need to take Middle road then turn right, taking the track behind the resort, dropping back down onto the western beach just to the south of the resort. Be aware that this track, as well as Middle track can be soft and bumpy in places. Make sure you take it easy and drive to the conditions.

Vehicle Permits

You'll need to purchase a vehicle permit to drive on Moreton Island. You can purchase one with your ferry booking or ask us to organize one for you when you book your 4x4 rental vehicle. We charge $59.55 plus a $10.00 admin fee for a monthly permit, which is the minimum time.


Camping on Western side of Moreton Island

When it comes to camping options, Moreton has them a plenty. With a little pre-planning you'll score the perfect camp spot, best suited to your situation. Things to keep in mind:

  • The south-west is quiet but can be challenging to access.

  • Ben-Ewa (not far from the ferry landing) will be most comfortable for first-time Moreton campers.

  • The western side of the island is best for camping with kids where you can camp right next to calm blue waters.

  • The eastern beach is exposed to the weather any many campsites are tucked in behind the sand dunes (so no direct beach/ocean views).

  • Most camp grounds allow camp fires but you'll need to bring firewood.

  • Not all camp grounds have facilities.

  • You must camp in one of the 5 zoned areas but you can camp at any of the individual sites within each zone (first in, best dressed).

  • Mobile coverage is limited and likely only available in some places on the west side of the island. Telstra and Optus are the most likely to have service and Vodafone the least.

  • Fuel for your vehicle is in limited supply and can be purchased at the Bulwer store by the 20Litre jerrycan. Best to make sure you fill the tanks prior to departure.

  • Take drinking water or be ready to boil water sourced from the camp grounds.

Beach / Bush camping zones (no facilities)

If you are up for adventure, then this list of camp zones is perfect as they have no facilities which often means you'll have them to yourself in quiet times. You'll need to be fully self-sufficient in these areas.

North-West Camping Zone

Here there are 76 campsites available between Ben-Ewa and Comboyuro campgrounds. All have access to turquoise, calm blue water.

North-East Camping Zone

Running all the way from Middle Road to Spitfire Creek on the Eastern Beach, this zone has 89 sites available, many of which have views of the surf beach.

South-East Camping Zone

Covering the area on eastern beach from Middle road south to Rous Battery, this zone comprises 35 sites, accessible only by 4x4, foot or kayak. Not all sites are suitable for vehicles to park as they are impacted by high tides.

Yellowpatch Camping Sites

With 14 sites, this zone covers the area between North Point and Heath Island and offers access to surf beaches that are not as exposed as others. Yellowpatch is only a short distances from North Point campsite which has facilities.

Camping zones with facilities

For first timers or those looking for a some creature comforts, Moreton offers some camp zones with cold showers, toilets, rubbish bins and water. Keep in mind that these sites are popular and can get heavily booked during peak times.

The Wrecks Campground

Only a short walk from the ferry departure point and offering 21 camp sites, this is a walk-in camp area where vehicles park on the beach so its great for hikers and campers without a vehicle. The Wrecks is close to the resort and offers all facilites.

Ben-Ewa Campground

Located just north of the wrecks, offering 12 shady camp sites and set beside calm bay waters, Ben-Ewa is a favorite for families and school groups. It is accessible by caravans and camp trailers and has offers all facilities.

Comboyuro Point Campground

Offering 49 idyllic camp spots, next to calm blue waters, Comboyuro is located within walking distance of the Bulwater township and is right next to 4WD tracks leading to the rest of the island. Park right next to your campsite and enjoy amazing sunsets out to the west.

Northpoint Campground

There are 21 sites available at Northpoint which offers a large, grassy area close to the beach and is within walking distance of Honeymoon Bay and the Champagne Pools. For this reason its the perfect place for kids and is therefore popular with families. All facilities are available except open fires are not allowed.

Blue Lagoon Campground

On the eastern side of the island between Middle Road and Cape Moreton, this beautiful campground is a walk away from the Blue Lagoon and easy access to the ocean surf beach. There’s parking available next to the campsite and while trailers and caravans are permitted, they aren’t recommended due to the soft sand and narrow road. There are 25 sites with access to water, septic toilets and cold showers.

Things to Do

The Wrecks

If you’re visiting Tangalooma, snorkeling is a must! The 15 sunken ships make for a super popular snorkeling spot. At high tide, the deepest point of the wrecks is roughly 8 meters. It is therefore quite easily accessed by freediving alone. If you’re experienced, you can swim through the many port-holes and explore the large cavities of the sunken ships.

Moreton Island is a protected area for dugongs. If you look hard enough, there’s a good chance that you’ll spot one. You might also see pods of dolphins, wobbegongs and leopard sharks just by snorkeling around the wrecks

Hire snorkeling equipment from Sunset Safaris located next to the Wrecks. Click HERE for more information.

Five Hills Lookout & Champagne Pools

Start the morning with a short trek! The track to Five Hills Lookout is merely a few hundred metres from the road, but walking on sand makes it a whole lot harder. At the top you'll be rewarded with sweeping 360-degree views of the island.

At the northern tip of the island is Cape Moreton and its historic lighthouse. The 23m-high red striped structure was built in 1857 and is made of local sandstone. The rocky outcrop that the lighthouse sits on is a great viewing point to spot dolphins surfing the waves, turtles in the shallows, sharks laying low, and humpback whales splashing past (June to November).

Down below lies Honeymoon Bay, a picture-perfect horseshoe shaped beach protected on one side by the lighthouse cliffs and on the other by the Champagne Pools.

Sand Surfing

All of Moreton island is made of sand, most of which is covered in coastal vegetation. However, in The Desert the big sand hills shift and move so often that nothing grows – making the tall dunes perfect to launch yourself down at high speed! Once you get the courage, push yourself off the edge. The waxed boards can reach speeds up to 60km/h!

Blue Lagoon

Located just off the eastern beach is Blue lagoon. Soft, pure white sand meets the cooling fresh waters of this giant natural tea tree lake – a great spot to cool off after a day in the sun.

Feed the Dolphins

If you're staying at the resort, head to the pier in the evening and help the eco rangers hand-feed wild bottlenose dolphins by sunset. The gentle and playful dolphins come right up into the shallow waters to eat fresh fish right out of your hands. All overnight guests at Tangalooma Island Resort have the opportunity to wade into the water and feed these amazing creatures. If you want to learn more about dolphins, stop by the Marine Education & Conservation Centre at 4pm for the Discover Dolphins Presentation.

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