Bookings & Cancellations

A 25% deposit or Full Payment is required upon confirmation of your booking

The following fees apply to booking cancellations and pick-up date changes

  • Fee to modify booking only applies to changing the pick-up date;

  • There is no fee for changing vehicle type (subject to availability);

  • If vehicle is returned early there is no refund available for the unused days.

Government Restrictions / Lockdown Policy

In the event of an Extenuating Circumstance being declared by us hirers will receive:

  •  7+ Days prior to booking - Full credit  (Refunds available upon request*)

  • <7 Days prior to booking - Full credit

What happens if we can't supply a vehicle?

Sometimes, there may be circumstances outside of our control and yours that lead to Overlander not being able to supply you with a vehicle at the time of your booking. For example if one of our vehicles is involved in an accident or suffers major damage just prior to your hire and we are fully booked during a peak period.

If this happens, we will immediately attempt to locate you a substitute vehicle as close to the quality and configuration as the vehicle you have booked with us. 


If we cannot locate a substitute vehicle or you do not want a substitute vehicle, we will offer you a refund of 100% of any monies paid to us (excluding vehicle permits or other 3rd party fees, if already paid by us).

If this happens, Overlander will not reimburse you for any out-of-pocket expenses (such as airfares or other travel costs).  As such, we strongly recommend that you take out Travel Insurance prior to your booking date.

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