Carrying capacity of hire vehicle—Fraser Island


77 Carrying capacity of hire vehicle—Fraser Island


(1) A person must not drive a hire vehicle on Fraser Island if the vehicle—
   (a) has more than 8 seats; or
   (b) has seats that are not forward or rear facing; or
   (c) has an apparatus, other than an approved apparatus, that is attached to the roof or ceiling of the vehicle and may be used for carrying a load inside the vehicle; or
   (d) is carrying a load
                 (i) on the vehicle’s roof; or
                 (ii) higher than the maximum internal carry height.
Maximum penalty—40 penalty units.
(2) In this section—

"approved apparatus" means an apparatus that—
(a) is fixed to both the ceiling and floor of the vehicle; and
(b) is used to separate passengers in the vehicle from a load being carried in the vehicle.

"hire vehicle" means a vehicle hired under a hiring agreement.

"hiring agreement" does not include a hire-purchase agreement.
If a person acquires a vehicle under a hire-purchase agreement and the person hires the vehicle to someone else under a hiring agreement, the vehicle is a hire vehicle while under the hiring agreement.

"load" means any thing other than a roof rack.
surfboard, backpack, camping equipment, mounted spare tyre, cargo pod, jerry can

"maximum internal carry height" means a height that is equal to the height of a line in the interior of the vehicle running—
(a) from the front windscreen to the rear windscreen; and
(b) level with the top of the door frames.

"roof rack" includes a cross bar and roof rail but does not include a tray, basket or similar item.

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