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Fraser Island Itinerary - 5 days 4 nights (East Coast)

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

The tourist tour - all of Fraser Islands iconic locations.

Maheno Wreck Fraser Island

There is no doubt that Fraser Island (K'gari) is one of Australia's iconic and spectacular destinations and a must do for anyone in our countries natural beauty. We have put together this short 5 day itinerary for you to see all of the Fraser Island 'majors'.

Things you need to organize before heading to Fraser.

  • Book your camping site/s here. we have recommended a few camps throughout this blog post. You can either set up camp for a few days in one location or move around the island to different spots. When booking the car we can help you with this.

  • Check the tides here. we recommend printing these charts out or writing down the tides allowing 2.5hrs either side to be off the beach.

  • Groceries and anything you need to take for camping purchase them before coming to collect the car so you can save time and head straight on the highway to your destination.

Tip: Make sure you're ready for driving on the beach. Check out our beach driving guide HERE to learn more before heading to Fraser.

Day 1

Pick up you fully kitted 4x4 from from Overlander HQ. We will run you through everything you need to know about the car in about an hour.

Overlander Adventures 4WD hire for Fraser Island

Head off on your way along the M1 heading to Inskip point roughly 4 hrs drive. Catch the barge straight over to Fraser Island.

Our Vehicles: Unlike the majority of other vehicles available to rent for Fraser, our vehicles are all low kilometer, late model (2021 or newer).

Tip: allow time for traffic or barge line ups friday and Saturdays. Possibly book to stay the night at Inskip point if tides don’t align or you are running late….

The Barge departs Inskip from 6am- 5.15pm most days every 30 mins. You can grab your barge ticket from the rainbow beach petrol station and top up fuel before heading to Inskip or buy it directly on board. If you make it over to Fraser for the afternoon camp in zones 1 to 3.

Day 2

Overlander Adventures Jeep Wranger on Fraser Island

Head North along beautiful Eastern Beach to they Maheno ship wreck. Washed ashore by a cyclone in 1935 the S.S. Maheno is beached near The Pinnacles and has become a landmark attraction for adventurers. It’s just one of many shipwrecks that you can explore during a trip to Fraser Island!

Rental cars are not allowed to carry Roof Top Tents on Fraser. Click HERE to find our more information.

Safety Tip: Fraser beaches are littered with 'wash outs', ruts and undulations that can't be seen until you are on top of them. Watch your speed, take your time and keep an eye out for beach obstacles at all times. Hitting one of these at speed will cause significant damage and has caused fatalities in the past.

From Maheno head further north to Champagne pools. Natural swimming pools with spectacular views on the edge of the ocean, what’s not to love? As its name suggests, waves lap over the pools and you can feel the water fizzing around you with seafoam. Grab a floatie, a pack of ciders and some tunes, and relax watching the sunset with your mates. The perfect end to a perfect day.

Stay in camping zones 6 or 7 for the night, ready for a relaxing day tomorrow at Eli Creek.

Day 3

Parking at Eli Creek

Stay set up in camp zones 6 or 7 and head to Eli Creek for a day trip. Spectacular views and an ideal spot for a picnic, Eli Creek is a must-do when you visit Fraser Island.

An enormous four million liters of sparkling freshwater pour into the ocean every hour from Eli Creek – the largest creek on the east side of Fraser Island. DON'T FORGET to pack your floats! Reverse the car to park along the flowing fresh water creek.

Tip: By reversing the car into parks if anything was to happen to the car and you needed help getting out of the situation someone would be able to recover you from the front car mounts or jump start the car easily from this position.

Day 4

Rainforest drive in 4WD rental Fraser Island

Head to lake McKenzie. This is the lake that makes it into all of the glossy brochures and for all of the right reasons. It is simply stunning which is the reason it’s the most famous lake on the island!

With pure white sand that feels soft as velvet beneath your feet, Lake McKenzie is a flawless spot to soak the sun and take a swim in the crystal clear waters.

The trip to the lake will be slow as the track is a little rough in places. Leave from Eurong beach and take your time to meander across the top of this beautiful island.

After a dip in Lake McKenzie, head to Lake Birrabean. Similar to Lake McKenzie, but less crowded, Lake Birrabeen is the absolute place to end your trip. Escape the craziness of the everyday by sunbathing on the white shandy shores of Lake Birrabeen and take in the glittering blue waters. You can see why it’s a photographer’s nirvana!

Lake McKenzie

Camp tonight at Central Station which is fenced and has toilets and hot and cold showers (remember to bring $2 coins along to operate).

Day 5

It's time to head back to the Gold Coast.

Head for Hook Point to catch the barge back over to Inskip. Put some air back into your tires once safely back on the bitumen and don't forget to treat the car to an underbody wash at Rainbow Beach.

Important information about Roof Top Tents on Fraser

Due to several bad vehicle accidents in the past QLD law prohibits Roof Top Tents on Rental Vehicles, on Fraser Island (Private vehicles are OK). In fact Rental Vehicles are not allowed to carry anything on the roof on Fraser and if they do, it is a $400+ fine for the driver. Click HERE to view the QLD legislation if you are interested.

When you rent from us to go to Fraser, we will supply you the vehicle with roof top tents removed and instead include quick set-up, quality ground tent(s) and inflatable mattresses at no extra cost. **Note this does not apply to one-way rentals, Please contact us if you are planning a one-way trip.

If you are worried about animals, our experience is that many, many visitors to Fraser sleep on the ground in swags and tents and never have a problem.

Give us a call and chat to us if you would like more information about your tent set-up for Fraser Island.

****Editors Note ****

We know that our pictures show our vehicles on Fraser with Roof-Top-Tents. These were taken by us during testing. We hope to update the photos soon :)

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